View Full Version : configuring wingman game pad

15th Feb 2005, 17:13
can anyone suggest the best way to set up the the wingman logitech game pad before I play the game. Just bought it. Love the series.

15th Feb 2005, 17:38
DON'T DO IT! Gamepads and Joysticks screw up the controls. Garrett becomes a robot on autopilot.

USB devices, Gamepads and Joysticks interfere with the game engine.

Stick with the Keyboard and Mouse for TDS.

Read this: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=38410

15th Feb 2005, 17:49
ok, thanks.

16th Feb 2005, 08:34
I played the game with a Gravis Xterminator. It seemed to work satisfactorally the only problem I had was that Garrett responded slowly sometimes.