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15th Feb 2005, 16:58
"You won't rest either...or your damned continent, Atlantis!" were the last words of the now deceased miss Natla, just before she got entombed in the Great Pyramid a few thousand years ago. Atlantis… -An undiscovered world where the laws of nature are not taken seriously. Mutant breeds trying to protect their holy domain, overruled by a surviving being.

The Island of Atlantis

Atlantis was a mountainous but very fertile island about 11.000 years ago. A wide range of plants and fruits grew on the island and wild animals like Elephants and horses lived there. It was the domain of the God of the (...)

Free Raiders (http://freeraiders.tipsko.nl) is a new Tomb Raider community that will focus on real life archeology and Tomb Raider.

This is the first story where we are going to find the truth about Tomb Raider. In this first article, I will tell you the story of Atlantis, the hidden land Lara pays a visit in the first Tomb Raider game. What do you know about Atlantis? What was this legendary place in history? Follow the link and read what we've found out!

If you liked the story, please register at the forum to show your support to the site. I'm sure you will feel at home there! Besides a discussion of the unfolded story, there are also the offtopic, custom level and game forums. I will contintue writing if people show enough interest I will let you choose which is the next story to be unfolded in 'Lara's Trail'!

You can find the board here (http://freeraiders.tipsko.nl/forum/index.php) and the first story here (http://freeraiders.tipsko.nl/forum/index.php?showtopic=18)
Thank you,
the Free Raiders Team

15th Feb 2005, 17:28
Good luck with your web site Tipsko!


15th Feb 2005, 22:26
Thank you :)

It's hard to start a forum nowadays though, sometimes the true tomb raider fans seem to be dissapeared from this planet! But that won't keep us from trying, we have some great ideas to keep this forum running :)

15th Feb 2005, 23:30
Be passionate and honest. Those are the virtues that will aid in achieving success. Good luck!


Sophia Leigh
16th Feb 2005, 06:43
It sounds very interesting - good luck! :)

16th Feb 2005, 09:27
Excellent introductory documentary, Tippy! Fascinating. ;)

17th Feb 2005, 14:49
It sure is! :)

17th Feb 2005, 19:26
Cool site Tipsko! :cool:

23rd Feb 2005, 17:06
Cool Tipsko, I love stuff about Atlantis! I'll be going to your site to check it out. :)