View Full Version : P:SB Preview from Gaming Horizon

15th Feb 2005, 16:21
Click me! (http://previews.gaminghorizon.com/media2/1108097021.12.html)

Xbox and PlayStation 2 can only support sixteen players; we asked about the PC version and they responded that they were “exploring that avenue right now”.

64 is prolly too much to ask for so how about a nice even number like 32?

15th Feb 2005, 16:43
Thanks for the link, gonna read it in a minute.

I think 64 is not a realistic number I don't know how big the maps are but still I think that would be overkill.

Well the more I read it the more I like it, the multiplayer seems to have some resemblance with ut2004 which is imo still the best fps (well maybe after the original UT). Very nice after all it the mp that mostly defines the lifespan of the game after the sp is finished. And from what I read in different interviews and q&a's (like the one just posted above) the singleplayer seems to be worked out nicely too.