View Full Version : The trouble with DVD-station F:\

The Godfather
14th Feb 2005, 17:49
Hello there,

Not long ago my computer failed to recognize my DVD-rw-station (E:\) and my DVD-station (F:\), but then it turned out that I had to buy a new 80 IDE cable and remove it with the old one and yes ... everything works fine! Or does it? :mad:

From time to time (more NO than yes) my DVD-station (F:\) fails to play any music or show me any movies or let me play any videogames. I DO however see the green LED-light burn when I start up my computer (so my PC DOES recognize the drive) and when I put in a CD or DVD it does look like it accepts it but then it just stops and most of my computer blocks. When I take out that particular CD or DVD and put it in my DVD-rw-station (D:\) or DVD-rw-station (E:\) the disc works fine, so obviously the problem lays within the DVD-station (F:\).

What can I do, please? Please help me!! I'm very desperate!!! :(

Many thanks,

Bye for now