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The Godfather
14th Feb 2005, 17:43
Hello there,

I have a problem with the videogame "Splinter Cell" when my main character Sam Fisher is walking/running in the rain. At those times everything runs very slowly and lowering the settings doesn't do me any good.

Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz
Clockspeed (i pressume this is the ram-memory) is 1,00 GB
Microsoft Windows XP
Hard drive with 57,2GB of which only 16,6GB used and thus 40,6GB free
GeForce FX 5900XT
IRQ: 16
Bustype: AGP 4X with memory: 128MB

I have a question regarding this last setting. Someone told me for a 5900Xt my AGP should be !! 8 !! and not 4. So how do I change this, please? Please don't tell me that I've gotta go and buy me a new videocard containing 8x AGP instead of 4X AGP. I just bought me a new one!

Also: are there any other NVIDIA-settings that I should enable/disable? I've got something which is called (in Dutch but I'll do my best to translate it) Interferention which is 8xS and Anisotropic filter which is 8x.

Why is the latter one (anisotropic) 8X and the AGP only 4X?

In short: What should I do to improve my gameplay ánd settings with each and every videogame? And yes: I have already downloaded and installed the last patch for my videocard.

14th Feb 2005, 21:14
If you already have the latest driver for Video card, Sound card and directX, there is little more you can do to enhance your game, except lowering the detail level and screen resolution.

The LBus Type on your video card is 2x 4x 8x AGP but will only ever use 4x AGP. It just means that the card is compatable with that LBus type.

One solution to your problem may be if you stop all unecessary programs that are running in the background like Anti Virus software for instance. This has been known to take resources away from othe applications or games.

It is of course unadvisable to shut down your Anti Virus program if you are constantly of the internet like with Broadband, but is quite safe to do so if you're not.

I hope this is of some help. ;)

The Godfather
14th Feb 2005, 21:28
I hope this is of some help. ;)

It does when you could answer the following question, please.

Whether it is advisable or not: I don't know. But one can delete all sorts of programs and running tasks by pressing simultaneously CTRL + ALT + DEL, right?

The thing is: I don't know which ones to leave alone and which ones I may delete. I have 4 different usernames and underneath these 4 a lot of process names. The 4 big ones are my name (Ken Vandenbussche), Local service, Network service and SYSTEM.

I know I may delete/finish everything under my own name (not to worry about the internet, coz I've got a wireless one and I can shut it down so my PC won't be able to go on the net anymore as well). But what about those 3 others?
I assume I can delete the 2 tasks under the category "Network service" coz that's for the internet, right? As for the local service there are 3 tasks running; one of them bing the Windows Task Manager itself.
The only thing I should leave alone; I think; are the many tasks running under SYSTEM, right? Or can I delete them too?

I'm sorry to bug you with all this, but I'm just trying to prepare my computer as best as I can before actually playing "Splinter Cell".

One more thing about this AGP-setting? I have 4x. Is this high enough to play the next upcoming Tomb Raider-, Max Payne- and Splinter Cell-game or is it in fact too low ... and what to do when you wanna upgrade it to 8x? Can it be upgraded to 8x and if so: can it be done without having to purchase anything hardware-kind?

Many thanks for your patience and useful answers, my friend!

Bye for now

P.S.: have you in fact tried out this Splinter Cell- or Max Payne-game? You should if you haven't ... it's cooool! :cool: :cool:

14th Feb 2005, 21:56
I can't promise that your card will play the upcoming TR game or any other future game but I can promise it'll run Half Life 2 as it is; that seems to run on slower machine albeit in lower resolutions. It played fine on my PC with a Radeon 9500 that not unlike the card you own. So you must wait to see if it will or not i'm afraid.

If you look down at the bottom right of your screen, you only need right click and close anything running down there. It shouldn't make much difference if you will only be running the game. You can simply resart all those applications again with a restart; they'll automatically start up again by themselves. You can do no harm by stopping applications that are running in the background, unless as i've said, you stop the Anti Virus program or firewall when you're on line. ;)

You might want to pursue overclocking to get more life out of your video card, but bare in mind; you do need to know what you're doing and know the possible complications. ;)

14th Feb 2005, 22:08
Let's try this:
1. Right click on your desktop, select "properties"
2. Select the tab "settings" and within this tab "advanced"
3. Here you should be able to select the tab of your video card: FX5900XT
4. A sort "side menue" should appear: select power&quality settings
5. Have a look at the slider at the bottom of the selected menu: it should be inactive, the related check box saying "controlled by software" should be checked. If not and if in addition the slider is set to 8xS, this means that 8 sample antialiasing is forced by the driver. This means, your VC is working at highest possible quality but sacrifices an amazingly huge LOT of its resources for that. If in addition you run the game at 1280x1024 or even higher, the thing gets real slooooow.

My advice: modify graphics settings from within games, select within the driver menue where possible "controlled by software". Otherwise you risk to outsmart the game with the driver's settings and/or viceversa.

P.S.: Your VC performs as a Radeon 9800pro, I had one of those and never had a single problem concerning performance. Perfectly sufficient for 98,9% of the existing games, IMO. Forget about the AGP 4x/8x thingy - it has NO real influence on performance when playing games.

The Godfather
14th Feb 2005, 23:17
It's too late now to check whether the changes I just made are going to do the trick, but I would already like to thank you in advance for that very helpful piece of information, my friend. Oddly enough, I had heard before that I should've let the software itself control things rather than manually select certain options, but either that was a very long time ago and I forgot to actually do it or I'm just growing stupid here.

So, I've set everything at "controlled by software". Now, I know the following question is nearly-impossible to answer, but do you think I'll be able to play videogames (and also "Splinter Cell" then) without any further problems?

Since you happen to know a lot about computers, I have one more small question for you. I know that I have 128MB of videocard memory and in my BIOS settings (which I usually stay away from as far as possible coz I don't know any of these things) I changed something videocard-related from 64MB to 128MB. I kinda forgot what it was, but I pressume it was the concerning its memory.

Do you think I should reset the original settings or is it ok what I have done to actually change the MB in the BIOS settings from 64 to 128MB since that appears to be the amount of memory I have for my videocard?

Sorry for all the questions, but you've made one boy very happy (that is; if Splinter Cell doesn't run so slowly anymore, but I have more faith now).

Many, many thanks, my friend!

Bye for now :rolleyes: :o :p ;) :cool:

14th Feb 2005, 23:44
Here goes: probably you are referring to the "magical" graphics aperture size setting, sometimes also referred to as AGP aperture size or AAS.

A lot of zealous oc's time has been spent with this setting ... for no good reason at all :D .

The long and short of it is: choose either 64 or 128 MB. The chances are good that not even using 3DMark you'll notice any difference between the settings. If you've got some time to spend, have alook at this article (http://www.rojakpot.com/default.aspx?location=8&var1=0&var2=234) . IMO it portraits nicely the essence of it ;) .

15th Feb 2005, 04:56
GF, also do not forget that AGP support level is mainboard dependent, i.e. your motherboard may not support 8x, but 4x instead. But as far as I see, your PC is quite strong one, which means, motherboard most probably is AGP 8x compliant. Just for side notice... ;)

The Godfather
15th Feb 2005, 16:25
Thanks, Deckard! Now that I've read that article, I think I'll set back the settings to the original 64MB (rather than the 128MB to which I have changed it now into) in BIOS since it doesn't seem to improve anything graphically.

Rumpelstilzchen: your guess is as good as mine, but in BIOS the highest I can select for my motherboard is 4x and not 8x (unless you have an alternative where I can select 8x), but I've been told that the difference in graphics (when playing videogames) is as good as none.

Well, I'm gonna go and check things out. I'm quite frankly a bit afraid for the result of "Splinter Cell" to be bad again, but it's the only way to find out.

Many thanks,

Bye for now