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14th Feb 2005, 07:49
I need some help. I stopped playing in Oct because I messed up in the Inner Cradle. I need to look at WT to just get my bearings since I need to re-do that section. Do I start from Audale and go into the Inner Cradle to start that mission from the beginning? Where is there a WT so I can get a feel as to where I left off.

Ian Flaer
14th Feb 2005, 12:25
I would suggest you google up "deadly shadows walk through". they are out there for sure. if you have a saved game in the cradle and want to start over there's a button that says "restart". if your'e working your way through again then you have to visit inspector Drept in Auldale before you can go to the Cradle his place is the stained glass window of a hammer by the tavern in Auldale. if the tavern is on your left his window is straight ahead just walk right up to it.

14th Feb 2005, 16:54
Start the game. Go to the LOAD menu. Select a save in SHALEBRIDGE CRADLE (OUTER CRADLE) load that. ESC to the menu. Select LOAD. SELECT RESTART. The mission will start from the beginning.

Or just pick the most recent save and use that. Look at your objectives while ingame, and see what you have not done. From there you should be able to figure it out.

The plot is for you to make contact with a ghost, collect items that will free the ghost, get enough loot to satisfy your level of difficultly and leave the mission.

If you restart the mission, then the actions necessary will be revealed to you as you play.

16th Feb 2005, 00:14
How funny Blackman that I didn't notice that post. I did look. Yes, I will be a good girl and just follow the objectives but I swear, that is what I did the first time. The only thing I did out of order was go into that cage. I can only assume that I either didn't hear Laura or forgot as I was walking around down in the cellar.