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ExiLed SplaT
12th Feb 2005, 22:12
Does anyone know if there will be a lefty/southpaw control setting for this game. i'm really looking forward to it but i have a hard time playing FPS with the default controlls on the xbox, I need to switch them so that the right joy stick moves and the left looks around.

12th Feb 2005, 23:34
No worries, the game features left handed controls schemes :).

ExiLed SplaT
13th Feb 2005, 17:05
thats awesome :D

*RABiD* JesusFreak
15th Feb 2005, 20:09
Anybody know about the PS2 controls? I'm mainly concerned whether the move and turn controls can be on the same analog stick with the strafe and look options on the other analog.

20th Feb 2005, 19:20
Hey freak,

I guess we will know when we get the game.

14th Mar 2005, 11:47
Sorry to be a killjoy but I have the game on the Xbox and in my opinion as a southpaw player the controls are not yet fully implimented. Read on for an explanation.

p.s. I have already posted this in the problems thread.

I have been playing Project Snowblind on the Xbox and have 2 issues regarding the controller setup which are really affecting by ability to play the game. One based on the pre-defined southpaw sontroller set-up and the other regarding controller glitches which occur when in cut-scenes or using machinery/vehicles

1. It seems that some very useful controller set-ups are missing from the list of pre-defined options. I tend to use southpaw (left thumbstick = look/ right thumstick = move), and was initailly very relieved it included in the list, until I found out that all of the buttons (espeicially pri and sec fir) had also been reversed. This is a strange move as southpaw usually only refers to the thumbsticks and not the whole controller layout. I have tried to use these reversed keys but am finding the expeirence very frustrating. My question here is; Is there any chance that new controller options can be added to next auto update? (if there is one planned), becuase without it I and probably many others will not be able to fully experience the game, and would certainly be at a big disadvantage when playing over Live.

2. Once ingame (using Southpaw) the control set-up seems to switch back to defualt when moving during the 'cut-scenes'. This is very disconcerting whenever it occurs the same thing is also true when using different vehicles ingame. jump into a turret and you need southpaw (even though the fire trigger is wrong). but jump into a jeep and all of a sudden you need to change the controller back to default as all of a sudden all control is moved to the right thumbstick. this feels wrong to the player as the controls change allot based on what vehicle you are using at the time. Again I ask the question, Are there any planned to resolve these issues in future auto updates

Thanks for your time