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11th Feb 2005, 13:50
in Lord Ember's chambers I have used an unlit torch, but portcullis is still closed, why? What I'm doing wrong?

Ian Flaer
11th Feb 2005, 18:36
did the torch turn sideways and then did you get an objective complete notice? if it did there should be no problem. I can't think of any unlit and frobbable torches other than that one. check all your goals and see if there are any of them not done sometimes in this game things you expect to happen don't and it's because you have a goal to complete yet. good luck.

11th Feb 2005, 18:55
You have to.
press a button,when you get to the portcullis vault, to open it too :D

14th Feb 2005, 13:34
befor the mission start I can see all objectives, but in the mission I don't see any of them. Is it a bag?

14th Feb 2005, 14:40
Is your Objectives,not showing up,what you have to so do you mean.
If you press theO key they should show up!.
The Bloodline Opal is in the Vault
The Bag
you should have a velvet bag from the training Mission. :)
There are:
Three pieces of special loot too ,have you found them?

the one true thief
14th Feb 2005, 16:28
are you looking at the *right* portcullis, the port cullis you are looking for is in the building, past the guard in his little hut, down the stairs and in through the door

14th Feb 2005, 16:49
Exactly where is the portcullis you can't open?

15th Feb 2005, 11:16
if I press "O" I see "Objectives", but not the Objectives themself!
I don't see, what I have to do.

After I use the torch in Lord Ember's chambers, I go down in portcullis in the building, past the guard in his little hut, down the stairs and in through the door. And I see this "Opal" but it is behind bars.

15th Feb 2005, 14:47
You are in the right place!.
Do you use quick save a lot.That can cause problem's
I had that problem,with the list of Objectives, what to do not showing,It seems like the problem is because of that.There maybe is some things missing,in the files.
I can not remember how I fixed it. I am sure Somebody will be able to point you in the right direction :)

Ian Flaer
15th Feb 2005, 17:01
that or you may need to re-install the game. that's just weird. have you had this problem during the training mission? when did you first notice no goals? you're pretty early in the game you may want to try starting over from the trainer to see if this problem is just a recent thing or if it's pervasive.