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11th Feb 2005, 10:54
Game Chronicles posted a Q&A with the producer of Snowblind here! (http://www.gamechronicles.com/qa/project/snowblind.htm). An interesting read, the more I read the more I want it. Hope to see a demo soon. Wonder what engine they use to empower the game, I'm guessing Unreal Engine, it comes over a bit to me like UT an original shooter.

11th Feb 2005, 16:29
A good read.

GCM: Will there be any significant differences between the PC, PS2 and Xbox versions of the game, gameplay or otherwise?

John Chowanec: The console versions each have a unique multiplayer mode: Assault for PS2 and Demolition for Xbox. The Xbox version also has higher resolution textures and supports downloadable content.

So... nothing special for us PC gamers eh? (sigh)

Now I despise consoles more than evar!

11th Feb 2005, 17:25
Well I suppose the higher textures will definately also be on the pc version together with the downloadable content. If it's possible on Xbox, it certainly is on the pc. Can't totaly dissagree with you despise of the consoles, I for one don't own one and don't plan to buy in the future (although I'm reading pretty neat stuff about that Cell processor for the ps3) as fps are in my opinion still best played with mouse and keyboard. Though from a developers and publishers view it is a fact that games on console usually sell more quantities. Add the fact that it's easier to develop for seeing as you don't have to keep in mind thousands of different configurations, driver conflicts etc. and you'll understand why it sometimes becomes a prefered platform. I however don't really mind it as long as great titles keep being produced for the pc and we won't get served a lousy port.

11th Feb 2005, 20:00
Yeah, the cell processor stuff does look cool but unless they add mouse and keyboard support, I won't give them a second glance.

Some extra downloadable content would be nice if the PC version gets it as well. Of course they have the method already in place to charge the xbox folks money for that kind of stuff, so I would not be suprised to see the PC get left out of that too.

So far it seems that the only thing that the PC people are going to get extra is an additional delay in getting the game.


Man, where is my grav gun? All of a sudden I feel the need to kill someone with a toilet.

11th Feb 2005, 22:09
How disappointing. The last console I ever had was a Sega Genesis. But I've played with consoles... Xbox, GC, and PSX/2 And they do not offer any comparable game play to PCs when it comes to RTS's, FPS's, and even still sometimes 3PS. I like them alot for RPG's. Economically, It is smart to design for consoles. But as evident with DXIW... they ruined any possible fanbase with the PC. First, it was designed for consoles. More and more games are being done like that, and it's upsetting. They are really caring less and less about PC Gamers. 2nd no MP. (that's blatantly obvious). 3rd NO SDK. And the later was probably due to being designed for consoles. It's a travesty. The creation of games, even if it's the same game, between platforms should remain clear from PC Games. It's ruining the playability of PC games.

11th Feb 2005, 23:32
if there aint MP... I'mma [EDITED] kill myself :mad:

[edited post -Clumsy

12th Feb 2005, 00:34
NOw this is AN MP game...

12th Feb 2005, 03:50
Lawd, Kao. Watch you're language.