View Full Version : FFXIV: Where are my rewards?

28th Aug 2013, 09:44
I got the registration code from a square enix mail yesterday, and it worked, now my question is "when will i get my rewards?" i did the pre order on 24, and received a mail that says im allowed for early access, mog cap and cait sith doll minion, i waited for early access code, nothing happened, now i dont care for the early access, cause game is officially launched, but as the email says I am entitled to my rewards, i want them.
Anyone on the same situation?

28th Aug 2013, 12:48
Find a flying cat with a balloon attached to it located in your starter city. The name of it is something like 'Moogle Delivery System', which is basically your mailbox for sending and receiving messages, gil, and/or items to other players.

There is already a thread about the Mog Cap and Cait Sith Doll minion.

28th Aug 2013, 18:00
I found that moogle, there are no letters for me

30th Aug 2013, 19:46
enter the code u got in your game

2nd Sep 2013, 16:03
I'm still not seeing my game on my account and still no emails and haven't gotten any help from the support team about it wtf do I do