View Full Version : Rag Doll?

7th Feb 2005, 00:11
since project:snowblind is rated t im guessing that means no or small amounts of blood? well i find a good substitue for blood is a good rag doll physics system(when u kill people). is there gunna be rag doll in this game?

9th Feb 2005, 19:28
Check the rating, it says T for blood and violence. I think it will have squirts but no actual pooling.

I haven't seen any ragdoll's flying through the air in any previews, so I guess we'll see.

10th Feb 2005, 01:24
in a preview in egm magazine i saw a corpse on the ground and it looked alot like it would be from ragdoll. unless the makers put that much time into making the animations for the death that they look "dangley" then im guessn there will be some rag doll...just keepn my fingers crossed. :)

11th Feb 2005, 10:58
From the Q&A I just posted:

"We’ve also got a physics system behind the scenes which allows us to fling bodies through the air… ;)"

Seeing as they have a physics system I'm pretty sure that it includes rag doll.

12th Feb 2005, 00:11
thank you...flinging bodies u say? i have to get this game...now my only problem is finding a demo,if they have one. :)