View Full Version : Clans? Why Not?

4th Feb 2005, 17:56
Of course I don't know this for sure but I don't think you'll be able to make just "Gangsta" or "Cop" clans. I think there are going to be wars where a team will choose either Gangsta or Cop and then the other clan will pick on the next round... kind of like Socom. You don't have any terrorist clans or seal clans. There are just clans.

Think Of It Like Socom You Can Choose Between Seals/Terrorists

So Think Of It Like Gangsters/Cops

Exact Layout Of Socom Where When Ur In The Lobby Of The Game Your Currently In, Whatever Side Your On When The Game Starts Is What Team Your On So...Why Cant You Have Clans??? :confused:

4th Feb 2005, 18:00
please post this in the thread you quoted the post from. No need for a new thread. Thank you.