View Full Version : Latin Stylerz (Gangstaz)

3rd Feb 2005, 01:58
I will be creating a clan named The Latin Stylerz, our colorz will be white, yellow, and blue, but there may be a few adjustments in colors, who knowz, hit me up at Sugarman6905@msn.com if you are interested. I have a small roster so far and I can use some more thugz, everyone in The LS will be their own leader in their own way, I am just at the top, hehe. Gangsta fa life, holla.


16th Feb 2005, 15:29
I'll join...

16th Feb 2005, 23:47
You got Xbox Live right homie?

17th Feb 2005, 17:14
Hey I will join yo click fo sho. holla at me my tag is C4PTA1N KRUNK send me a friend request so we can play then a clan invite.