View Full Version : Resident Evil 4

2nd Feb 2005, 18:10
Resident Evil 4 has a confirmed UK release of March 18th.
I am soooo looking forward to it.
Resident Evil & Tomb Raider are my all time favourite game franchises.

Has anyone here played the US version???

Look, they even have a decent box cover for the UK version. I still can't believe how crap the covers were for RE & RE 0 in the UK.
Just look at them...what were they thinking???


2nd Feb 2005, 19:23
I just finished it yesterday, after a good solid 21:42 hours of gaming. It was amazing, and easily one of the best so far in the series. It feels like a totally new game though, nothing is similar to how it was before. I like the combat now too, it's almost FPS like.

And when you're done the main game, there's Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries to go through.

Oh, and a quick tip: you can climb El Gianté (sp?). That took a while for me to realise.

2nd Feb 2005, 22:41
My boss is going on hols to USA next week with a few dollars in his pocket from me so i will let u know in a couple of weeks . I am so looking forward to this game , oh and TR7 of course :)