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1st Feb 2005, 13:07
Let me explain my whole purpose to writing about this game before I point out the bad then rant on what makes me love this game more than anything in my game list. I'm hoping by chance the publisher will help the developer by requesting a second title be made. With that said let me point out the pros and cons of this very good game.

The sound in this is very bad, the crashing of the cars sounds like two garbage can lids being slapped together & the sound issues carry on right into the sound for the players when they talk into their microphones (Xbox Live version), they sound very nasaly. Also, custon soundtracks would've been a nice feature for Xbox users. The graphics aren't as good as they can be, I know they could be much better but thy're not that bad. If playng on Xbox Live & playing a team event, if someone switches teams the list of names goes all haywire and gets fuzzy for a few seconds (30-40)... I'm not sure if that just happens to the host or to everyone else as well. It would've been nice to see who is talking during the game by having their name flash at the bottom of the screen while racing. Last issue I have is that I cannot change the game type without killing the current server so when playing kamikaze and everyone wants to change to Last Man standing I have to exit the server then send friend invites into the new game.


I have to be honest, when I bought the game I wasn't expecting much but I couldn't be more wrong. I own over 70 games for Xbox alone & this is by far the one that is the most fun for me to play online, I'm an adult gamer & I have friends in the same age range as myself & we're seriously addicted to this game. Now i mentioned issues witht he sound but I have to honestly say that I'm laughing so damn hard & having such amazing fun that I don't even notice the sound. This game could've easily taken a top spot in the Xbox games, I think even with it's insuperior sound/graphics (when compared to Burnout 3's sound/graphics) it is a much better game than Burnout 3 . I mention that other game because those two could be looked at as rivals but words couldn't even describe how much fun I have with Crash N Burn & I hope this post makes Eidos realize how close they came to making a top 5 game on Xbox, not because I said so but because this game hit right on the button & thats the fun factor. If a second is made do not change fromt he direction this game took us, just beef up the sound/graphics & add some new levels plus make us able to go higher than level 20 then add some new stuff tot he shop... I'm in no way telling you guys how to do your job but just letting you know that this game is near perfect as is. God, I absolutely love this game... I swear I've never been this passionate about a game since I was a kid & at the expense of sounding like a geek I had to write that last sentence. lol

However, that would be about 10-20 other people that say the same thing when playing with me. Let me clarify that, like I stated earlier I'm an adult gamer & I play with 95% adults from an adult only forum where we chat and setup games so we don't have to deal with the public servers and the unpleasantness much of it brings. Anyhow, I convinced at least 15 of them to pick up the game & every single one of them fell in love with it & we stayed awake till 5 in the morning over the weekend. To some kids that may not be a big deal but I'm an old man to these kids & this has not happened since I was a teen playing my Nintendo games. Any dignity I once had is gone at the expense of this post so I hope the publisher & developers realize they have a potential big hit here if they make a 2nd game.

I also belong to a second adult forum which I'm currently trying to convince them to buyt he game as well, I would post the website links for the Eidos team to check them out but I didn't want this post to get deleted for advertising of such things but if any of the Eidos team wants the links to see the people raving about this game just message me.