View Full Version : Instant Death using Door Glyph

31st Jan 2005, 08:14
When using the Door Glyph from the Keepers to go from the Docks area back to the South Quarter I am killed instantly by two City Police as soon as I arrive. :eek:

Is there a tweak available that will change this setting?
Don't want to play through a new game to get back to this point.


31st Jan 2005, 09:50
aint it more than one keepers gate to the docks? i dont remember...
but you could just make sure you have full health and a flash ready when crossing (unless they actually physically block your path to freedom).

Or else, the only way to make them reset, is to wait to the next day, and that will only happen when you have succeded a crucial mission... (bad if your next mission takes place on the docks).

31st Jan 2005, 10:00
If you ran through a portal, any portal with the guards chasing you they will BE THERE WHEN YOU RETURN.

So get a flashbomb or a gas bomb ready and go through and throw it and run like hell.

31st Jan 2005, 14:12
The flashbomb worked out & I was able to get away long enough to restore my health and have now arrived at Garret's house.

Don't know why I didn't think of trying the flashbomb on my own. Kept trying to use the broadarrow instead. :D