View Full Version : Crash N Burn Playstation 2 Open Racing Latest Results

27th Jan 2005, 19:13
In another extremely close match, Nick defeated reigning champion and newly announced open racing host Crash Dawg last night. The straight racing format for the evening produced some excellent and fun battles. Nick takes home the final Crash N Burn prize from Eidos, well earned. Congratulations to all our competitors. Starting this weekend, Crash N Burn open racing nights for Playstation 2 drivers will be move to Saturday nights at 5:30 PM PST, and will no longer be hosted by Eidos itself, but by our trusted ally and user community member, Crash Dawg. But take heart, as your racing results will still be posted here in the forum, and on the Crash N Burn site, spreading word of your racing prowess around the web!

Wednesday Night’s Racing Results:

1 NICK Score: 100
2 Crash_Dawg Score: 96
3 Bajaracer31 Score: 62
4 Teddy1115 Score: 32
5 TO_F@$T_4_U Score: 12

Next Race: Saturday, 29 January 05 5:30 PM PST For more information, please contact community@eidos.com