View Full Version : Crash-n-Burn Kamikaze tournament tonight, 6PM CST 1/27/05

27th Jan 2005, 17:36
There has been a tournament running on Friday, so I thought a good warm-up would be a Thursday night Kamikaze fest.

Thursday, Jan. 27th at 8PM, CST. Look for me (MIX_MASTER_ICE) tonight. First 16 people to get in will be in this 10 race tournament. Here's the run-down of the 10 races tonight. If this goes well, then perhaps we
can make this an every Thursday night event.

All are 5 lap races, except the final race. All car classes are eligible in this Kamikaze tournament.

1. Detroit X1
2. Maimi reverse
3. Grand Canyon 1
4. The Bronx X2
5. Los Angeles X2 reverse
6. Redwood Forest X2
7. Las Vegas X2
8. San Francisco 1
9. San Diego 1 reverse
10. The Bronx reverse (10 laps)

Look forward to seeing you tonight (8PM CST). Look for host MIX_MASTER_ICE.

27th Jan 2005, 21:04
*Note that the start time has been moved back to 8PM, CST.