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27th Jan 2005, 12:47
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[ January 22nd 2005 ]

Dubious screen shots purporting to belong to an upcoming Tomb Raider game on Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP) mobile gaming device have appeared on Tomb Raider Forums. Although the authenticity of the images - as discussed at length in the below referenced thread - suggests nothing more than an elaborate hoax, it's still worth stealing a glimpse. We remain entirely skeptical but welcome your opinion.

On a similar note and referring to a possible Lara Croft-helmed incursion onto Sony's Playstation Portable, here is an interesting passage from last year's Annual Report from Eidos. "Following the internal transfer of the Tomb Raider franchise from Core Design to Crystal Dynamics, Core Design has been refocused and restructured. A number of the new concept idea and pre-production works, for both platform and PlayStation Portable (PSP) application, are being developed in this studio." Food for thought perhaps?

Have a stroll over to Tomb Raider Forums and judge for yourself.

Tomb Raider on PSP on Tomb Raider Forums

THE CULTPRIT- THE CREATOR OF THE PICS!!! (http://groups.msn.com/GamingPS2/shoebox.msnw)

27th Jan 2005, 14:22
I am glad you've found an outlet for your creative streak. ;) And I am glad they are not real screenshots. :p So gladness all around. :D

27th Jan 2005, 14:33
Thankyou, well it wasn't meant to be a big prank I was just tired of waiting for pics, so I put together some pics with elements I would like to see in the game! It just kind of grew from then on! <devilish-smile> I'll be on the run now!

It was like a little puzzle as people peiced together certain elements. I'm a freelance artist so I saw it as a little creative challange! I cannot wait for Tomb Raider VII!!! It's been a pleasure...now I must go into hiding! <wink>

27th Jan 2005, 15:19
Good job. Unfortunately is the funny fake discussion now over.
Was perfect to slay the time of waiting dead. If you tired again, feel free... ;)

Sophia Leigh
28th Jan 2005, 00:11
I am looking forward to seeing some real ones. Hurry up Eidos!