View Full Version : THIEF 3 - shutting down :/

25th Jan 2005, 17:13
Hi. I have big problem with Thief 3. After reading a lot of forums I still don´t know any solution... I can start the game correctly, I can play, everything seems to be ok... BUT after cca 2-5 minutes of gameplay Thief 3 shut down to windows desktop without any error message! Anybody know some solution ??? I have found only one person, who have the same problem like me and nobody knows what to do :(

I have:

- Patch 1.1 installed
- All latest sound&graphics drivers
- Directx 9.0c
- Win XP - Pro - SP2

My hardware:

Epox 8RDA3+ (nForce2)
AMD - Palomino 1800+
ATI Radeon 9600 pro

Thanks for any advice or help!

25th Jan 2005, 19:06
At a first guess, your video card is overheating. Thief 3 is a very heavy drain on video card power, and doing everything generates a lot of heat. Several people I saw had similar problems with Geforce 4 ti4200 cards. Check the fan on the video card, and make sure it's turning full speed.

Ian Flaer
25th Jan 2005, 20:23
I have an ATI 9600 with 256 MB on a 2.8gig P4 processor and I can run the game all day on max settings. so I'm not convinced the card is to blame here. By the way, how do you tell if the fan is at full speed? not too many of us have hand held tachometers at home. in your defence, I would expect a fan to run at the right speed or be moving really super slow if it isn't dead stopped. and a bad fan could certainly cause this or similer trouble. well, good luck feel. I just wanted to defend our card. also what sound card do you have? if it's a performance issue I find that if I need to defrag the game runs a bit slow.

25th Jan 2005, 20:59
Thanks for replies. Temperature is not my problem I guess... because during gameplay I have under 45°C on core(VGA silencer). But I made some changes in graphic setup and now it seems to be ok! I don´t know exactly how, but now more than hour of gameplay T3 without any problem, like in any other game :) Only one thing is quite unusual. When starting T3 it takes a lot of time and IDE activity is for long time(cca 60s) very low after this time I can hear, that HDD starts working and game starts. The same thing happens when loading new level, or next location. After this "moment of silence" level starts loading :) But maybe it is normal. I don´t know. But now after a long time of troubles I finally know, that T3 is simply amazing game!

25th Jan 2005, 22:02
Oh no... same problem again... It happens irregularly. Sometimes it shut down after five minutes, next time after hour, next time never... I can´t explain it to myself where may the problem be...

Whatz His Name
26th Jan 2005, 15:06
Have you updated your video card drivers since you've installed the game?

I updated my drivers after I installed the game and had somewhat the same issue. I ended up saving the game save and uninstalling the game. Once I installed the game again with the new video drivers already in place, I never had the problem again.

I may be wrong in my assumption, but it seemed to work out that way for me.

Ian Flaer
26th Jan 2005, 19:55
check your RAM useage and virtual memory. make sure you have a well defragged drive, also make sure you aren't running any spyware. also you may want to shut down your antivirus and disconnect from internet. to me this sounds like a performance issue and stream-lining your system may help. then again I'm pretty dumb so take all this with the proverbial grain of salt.
good luck.