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25th Jan 2005, 03:05
I posted this on this forum before, I think. But for some reason, the forum wouldn't let me view the reply. Now, I can't find the darn thing. So, here's my question and perhaps someone can help me.

I just bought the game and installed it onto my computer. I started playing, the graphics look good, the movement isn't as fluid as I thought it would be, but no problem. The issue is that the mouse will not move when menus pop up. I have to watch until the words get highlighted (if they get highlighted). The cursor stays in one place the entire time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


25th Jan 2005, 03:18
Unplug any and all game controllers, joysticks or game pads you might have pluged in, then restart the game.

Ian Humphrey
19th Feb 2005, 14:18
I had the same problem with the demo and the full game. I contacted Eidos technical support and they informed me it was because the on-board graphics were not compatible with the game. I have now bought a Geforce 6600GT graphics card and now the mouse pointer does move although the game does crash occasionally, but then most games do!

So what I would reccomend is that you buy a compatible graphics card. Hope you find this information helpful.