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24th Jan 2005, 19:26
Both now and later on, if you create your own Snowblind site, please post the URL here so we can all enjoy it, and I can make sure your site gets added to the links on our official site. Okay?

29th Jan 2005, 05:48
Not quite a Snowblind fansite(Just yet) but I plan on hosting clan forums and running online tournaments if the community grows big enough and asks for it. This game has been on my radar for only a short time so we are just starting.

About GamerPlug.com ( http://www.gamerplug.com/)
We are supporting online console gaming only.

We started off as a Tribes: Aerial Assault(PS2) forum and started growing from there. We kept the online Tribes community going for almost 3 years with Tournament Style competition and Clan support.
Tribes:AA was a very unique game that required a huge amount of Teamplay and allowed you to specialize in different areas of the game. It also was supported very well by the developers of the game. They built a publicly available dedicated server program and balanced gameplay issues with the dedicated server.(This was all done after release.)

While we have a fairly large community intact right now and support several online console games at this time.
The major problem with the most recently released online games, with a few exceptions, is that none of them have been up to snuff when it comes to online play to get a real tournament up and running. (No dedicated server programs on X-Box and just plain bad online feature sets for PS2)

This game seems to be shaping up nicely for us console people. After reading the latest Dev Diary (http://ps2.gamespy.com/playstation-2/snowblind/583565p1.html) on Gamespy, I can't help but think the developers have taken their time with the online feature set and are our best shot yet for a truly rewarding online experience.(Like Tribes:AA)

Now, about our Registration
With the huge number of people we have attracted over the years, we have come across more than enough of our share of "Internet Idiots".(You people know who you are) After much trial and error(and frustration), we have come up with a rather simple solution for filtering out these "Idiots". It does slow down forum access a tad bit, but it seems to be working for us so far.

PLEASE READ THIS (http://www.gamerplug.com/showthread.php?t=51769)

Follow the instructions and when you apply to the "Plugged in" usergroup, let us know who you are and where your from(EX -I'm from the EIDOS forum) and your application will be approved.

This method allows us to "Unplug" the "Idiots" quick and keeps them from being able to spam our forums with multiple accounts (Yes, these people have absolutely nothing better to do.)

Thanks for your time. I am really looking forward to creating a great Project:SNOWBLIND community.

At the very least, you should come and check out our Tribes:Aerial Assault forums. This is the model forum we are building from and represents what we will try to do for the Project:SNOWBLIND community.

Questions or comments feel free to PM me.


29th Jan 2005, 12:04

7th Feb 2005, 20:58

expect us to have a big impact on the game :eek:

13th Feb 2005, 13:45
We plan to be hosting maps,videos forums (public and clan) and whatever you guys need to be hosted.

Take a look

Leave a comment about what you´d like to see.