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22nd Jan 2005, 15:57
I had posted this question before and it's disappeared. I'm sure I didn't ask anything offensive so maybe it was an oopsie.

Anyway, regarding factions... by joining a faction, does it open new quests? Conversely, if I don't join a faction, does it prevent me certain quests? Or is the only reason to join a faction to make it easier by not being attacked on sight?


22nd Jan 2005, 16:33
You pretty much nailed it. There's no big benefits to joining factions (with the exception that you'll be allowed into their respective city areas unharmed, but as far as I remember that only really comes in handy once near the end). There's also a couple gifts you can get from factions by completeing their 'quests' (destroying all the rust mites, shooting all the cobblestones etc) but by the time you've finally unlocked enough of the city to actually fufill those quests, it's so late in the game that the gifts are practically useless.

t hunden
23rd Jan 2005, 04:40
I have not played the game in a long time, but that's how I remember it too.