View Full Version : Black Alley question...

20th Jan 2005, 16:09
OK we've all been to Black Alley right? Well, I have a question.

When you go to the grate where your landlord is paying off the guy, and you face the grate, turn around to face the wall opposite the wall behind the grate. there's a brick that looks unusual, like there's a crack or something above a ground level brick. is this an error in the game or a secret, and if it's a secret how do you get to it??


20th Jan 2005, 16:28
Just loaded it up and had a look - it looks as if what's behind it is just 'sky'.

I've fired arrows at it, peered at it and generally fiddled with it, but I think it's just one of those funny little 'gaps' you get in 3D environments.

Will fiddle some more though, and if I find something amazing I'll let you know! :)

20th Jan 2005, 16:46
Yep, try climbing up the wall next to the grate as high as you can, using the climbing gloves. In 3rd person view flip the camera about when you get near the top.

The South Quarter is floating in space!

It's a shame our computers don't have the power to reveal a nightscape vista of rooftops and torchlight receding to the horizon under a full moon...

Maybe one day, eh, Ion Storm? :)