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19th Jan 2005, 16:48
Hi Guys,
Rest assured, by next month we will be starting to set up some. I'll solicit questions from you all and we'll put them to the devs. Of course, yes, there is no reason not to ask stuff now, but I just wanted to make it clear that it is definitely in our plans to really get a lot of developer involvement on the forum, and especially in our newsletter email updates. So, I would advise (if you've not already) going to the Twenty-Five To Life website and registering there. http://www.25tolife.com/

Michael Bolton
22nd Jan 2005, 00:42
sounds awesome mike

8th Feb 2005, 22:41
uhhh, where do you register on the site?

10th Feb 2005, 00:25
you click on the little button in the lower right corner that says 'Register'. :)

11th Feb 2005, 11:52
Hey, I was just wondering if the shooting will be realistic or is it going to be like those silly retarted ways like halo and killzone where you keep shooting someone like 20 times in the head, leg, arm, wherever and they only lose about an inch of their health like they don't have a health bar. Or is it exactily like Socom II where you shoot them in the leg and they lose a little bit, stomach a little more, neck alot, and head they die immediately. The blood looks kinda cartoonish on the Gamestop.com clips...hope it looks more realistic than paint. And finally if they are going to listen to the audience..NO GIANT MAPS where you have to search for one person thats hiding in he corner on the other side of town. Man, game makers should take a look at online games...top 2 online games are Halo 2 (HATE IT) and Socom 2 (LOVE IT) and combine those two....NEVERMIND Piece of crap halo doesn't compare to Socom. oh and will there be clans and friend lists?...lovin it so far.

13th Mar 2005, 06:29
Hey I read somewhere that in the single player mode you only get to play as some guy named Freeze. I really want to know is the create a player only for online because if so then I will not be buying this game and trust me when I say this I am really looking foward to buying this game. If someone could clear this up with me that would be great because I can't afford to play online games with my fincial status and I want to know if I can only play with my created person online because like I said if so then Eidos just lost one soon to be happy gamer and about 30 of his friends. None of us can really afford to play games online and we are really looking foward to play as our created gangsters offline. Thanx