View Full Version : Game crashes when I try to change the key settings.

17th Jan 2005, 22:40
I have the Thief 3/Hitman Contracts combined DVD that came with an Nvidia graphics card.

I can't apply any patches to it, and I also can't change any key settings properly, it doesn't register any of my changes, and it crashes to desktop when I try to assign a mouse button to movement.

I'd really appreciate any help, but remember, my version of the game does not work with the official patch, which is most likely because it is a special edition of the game.

I'd appreciate any help.



18th Jan 2005, 19:45
Well, I managed to fix the problem with the keys. I just unplugged my USB gamepad and it worked perfectly.

I'm still having a problem with using a patch though, so I'd appreciate any help on that one.


19th Jan 2005, 01:45
Just EXECUTE (RUN) the patch. It will find THIEF and do its own stuff. So START, BROWSE, RUN, TDS PATCH, OK and sit back and relax.

If you have used any of the JOHND tweaks or other tweaks, you need to reinstall and then apply the patch.