View Full Version : Xbox Open Tournament Results Week 1

17th Jan 2005, 21:59
Not to be outdone by our Playstation 2 drivers, Crash 'N' Burn Xbox gamers turned out in droves last Friday night for our first Crash N Burn Xbox Open Racing Night. The competition was intense and brutal, and when it was over, FTR JDSkater was the winner. The event’s format was a nine track series of kamikaze races, and seven different drivers won heats, testimony to how evenly matched the competition was. Congratulations to FTR JDSkater, who takes home a Crash N Burn official hat and Eidos gift. See you all next week! Based upon last week's turnout, it is a good idea to arrive early, as the room will fill up quickly! Look for your host, Mikey Mansell G. For more information, write to community@eidos.com.

Final points standings for the evening’s races were:

1. FTR JDSkater Score: 128

2. TooTall68 Score: 119

3. Phunkynugz Score: 111

SDon1969 Score: 111

5. Spidermike Score: 94

6. Strict 9s Score: 91

7. cyberWRAT Score: 89

8. the assasin88 Score: 81

9. BlueFin175 Score: 80

G MAN24 Score: 80

11. TopGameTN Score: 76

12. JohnnyMac Score: 67

13. Dr Whistler Score: 64

14. TheDeadJester Score: 52

15. aroktride Score: 28

16. Ace 9s Score: 17

Next Xbox Event: Friday, 21 January, 5:00 PM PST Format: Standard racing, nine tracks. Good Luck