View Full Version : Been a LOT of stuff in the press about Angelina Jolie recently...

15th Jan 2005, 01:06
.. so THE INDEPENDENT (http://news.independent.co.uk/people/profiles/story.jsp?story=601077) tries to untangle the knots and unfold the truth. Not specifically Tomb Raider related (she's made no bones about not returning as Lara Croft) but an interesting glimpse into her life all the same.


15th Jan 2005, 03:39
Tsk! He left out her role in "Gia"! Poor research on his part.

15th Jan 2005, 05:33
It's nuts isn't it?! THIS (http://dailynews.muzi.com/ll/english/1345046.shtml) article says editors are now racing to cover this story, the "biggest thing since Ben and Jen" one quoted.

Where does it end?

15th Jan 2005, 13:22
Originally posted by MissLara2U
It's nuts isn't it?!
Where does it end?

That's easy..........it ends when people stop buying those gossipy tabloids.

So, it's not likely to end at all.


15th Jan 2005, 15:42
I was reading some of the other articles and to me it sounds pretty simple... Brad wants a family and Jennifer doesn't, simple as that. But on the other hand, what's not to like about AJ? :D None of this would have never happened if AJ was filming a TR movie instead of Mr. & Mrs. Smith anyway. :)

25th Jan 2005, 04:44
Check out this article from The Star.... plus there are new Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie pics.