View Full Version : How important is the story?

15th Jan 2005, 00:57
In an online game like this, is the storyline REALLY important? Just remember, this isn't your regular "shoot-em-up". This game is gonna have a detailed atmosphere, ex. Hip-hop soundtrack, advanced gameplay, etc.

Michael Bolton
15th Jan 2005, 04:00
im just gonna play single player to get the extra stuff for online.

15th Jan 2005, 19:42
i'll play the story just to get the extras and stuff but after the story im just gonna play online

16th Jan 2005, 05:30
u don't have to play the story mode to unlock extras, u play online and earn points to get extras

17th Jan 2005, 03:08
what kind of extras can u get?

17th Jan 2005, 03:38
extras, like new clothes for ur character and stupid stuff like that