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15th Jan 2005, 00:52
We're planning a developer interview with the talented folks at Crystal Dynamics regarding the creation of Project Snowblind.

So, here's your chance to ask them some questions about what went into the making the game. Either respond right here in the thread, or email them directly to me at community@eidos.com

Please respond prior to January 30th. Registered users of the Project Snowblind Website will get to read the interview a day or two before it goes up on this forum, so why not trot on over to the site?

We will also be posting some interesting community materials both in the updates to site users, and here in the forum, so keep in touch.

16th Jan 2005, 03:39
Hey mike_g u told me that there's no co-op on PS2 but is there multiplayer Split screen? and is there bots for multiplayer?

Sebastian Photon
19th Jan 2005, 03:57
Hows the replay factor? After I beat the game once, and am casually playing with friends what key points will keep me playing for along time?

19th Jan 2005, 07:33
Yes, I really want to know about the replay factor, it's one of the most important thing for me. Halo was special for me because I played it for three years and I'm still having a blast every time I play.

I think this is because of AI, and how they react diffrently each time. And the way its built its just so fun even after you beat the whole thing. Sure, it doesn't have alot of modes, but the single player by itself hooked me for about 3 years!

I'm hoping Project Snowblind has enough variety and the AI is interesting enough for the replay factor is good. Thanks in advance!

20th Jan 2005, 00:45
hello? can someone answer me? :( is there 2 player split-screen? and are there bots in multiplayer?

20th Jan 2005, 01:37
Like several people have posted, I am suffering from Halo:CE withdrawl (Halo2 just doesn't cut it for me). Will Snowblind have multiplayer 2-4 person splitscreen? vehicles? online? System Link?

22nd Jan 2005, 14:40
Is the Bonus DVD only available with EBGames pre-sale or will this be available with other retailers.

Can't wait for this great game!!!

Thanks in advance,

22nd Jan 2005, 22:19
I want to know how the developers worked to attain balance with the plethora of weapons and augs?

I would also like to know what they did to maximize each version for their appropriate platform. Are the PC players going to have less possible configuration options, lower quality textures, more level loads and etc because of the limitations of the other platforms?

23rd Jan 2005, 22:19
I want to know how the abilities will work. What powers them? How do you get them? Are there different levels? How does it take to complete the game? Will there be a demo before or after the game is released? Will it be a simulteanous release on all consoles?

26th Jan 2005, 13:43
Crystal Dynamics has been in close contact with Ion Storm during development. Will Project: Snowblind pursue any similar design goals to Invisible War, in particular in terms of emergence and a dynamic and reactive environment?

26th Jan 2005, 16:55
Thanks for the great questions for the devs. Keep 'em coming!

27th Jan 2005, 00:04
I have a couple of questions:

Will gamesaves use a checkpoint system within missions or some other method?

With there be Unlockables (ie: extra missions, characters, weapons)?

Looking forward to the release of Project:Snowblind.

Thanks in advance. :)

29th Jan 2005, 06:03
Online play........

I would like to know if you plan on releasing a public dedicated server program for PS2 and PC. I know this is not possible for X-Box given the X-box-live system, but it would be great for us PS2 people.

After reading your developer diaries on Gamespy, do you see this game as a 'run and gun' kill everything that moves(Ex Halo2,Killzone) or a game that will require some strategy and require people to play as a team.(Tribes,Battlefield).

Or is a combination of both? (Depending on game mode that is, obviously Deathmatch is deathmatch)