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14th Jan 2005, 16:17
When I first began reading some of the topics within this forum I took notice to a particular thread that in a nutshell claimed that games such as this are good for nothing more than corrupting our youth and displaying nothing more than negative imagery. Although that thread has been long closed I would like to point out to Beric that Eidos never claimed that this specific game was designed for all ages and I'm almost positive that this game, just like the others that contain as much violence will bear the M logo to show that it was designed for a mature audience. Eidos is not a parent nor a guardian, They're not responsible for an individual out there who just might harbour hatred and anger and they're certainly not responsible for anyone elses actions. This is 2005, By now people should know that they can think for themselves. Nowadays violence is what sells so it's rather obvious that rival companies will basically leech off of other ideas and concepts in order to compete, deal with it because this is what the buisness world is all about.

Michael Bolton
14th Jan 2005, 17:08
i definently agree with that.