View Full Version : My Gang name???

14th Jan 2005, 00:04
:cool: How yall doing? i've been wanning this game ever since i heard about it, i was thinking of gane names but i dont know what i should call it? my lis is this:

> Nemesis To Society
> Nothing To Lose
> Urban Warriors
> Bro-Com
> Thug Life Commandos

I have no idea how to use the poll thingy cause i dont really go on forums. and plz tell me what would yu prefer, other names, and if you would be interestd to join my gang):p :confused:

14th Jan 2005, 03:04
please reply to answer my question

14th Jan 2005, 03:19
im not interested in joining it cuz i already has about 6 peeps in my gang, but nothing to lose is a good name, the rest kinda sound dorky lol

14th Jan 2005, 17:21
how bout no my socom 2 clan is goin to 25TL :D

16th Jan 2005, 23:00
make ur name boy george