View Full Version : How Authentic Are The Cop Tactics?

13th Jan 2005, 20:56
I want to know if there will be any "Swat-like" Tactics in this game, I.E. calling for backup, battery rams, helicopters, negotiators (ok, I doubt the game will have that :D ), etc. I'm gonna assume that the gangster section of the game is a lot more detailed than the cop section, but these guys (developers) should do SOME research on police tactics! Respond if you have any info. Thanks

13th Jan 2005, 22:28
. . . Do they have real court cases and real-time prison simulation as well? After all, you will need a very good lawyer to make an excuse for the untimely death of hundreds of police officers . . .

14th Jan 2005, 00:40
Better yet, in "the point store" mode, the gangsters can get more points by doing community service and "picking up the soap". After enough points, they can trade in those points for bail money!