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13th Jan 2005, 00:33
i have never used the playstation 2 on the internet, can anyone tell me how it works?
Do i need a dial up internet account to access it? Etc.

13th Jan 2005, 00:43
you will need $40 to buy an online adaptor to install onto your ps2, idk about psp tho. Im sure theres a much easier way for psp, just ask the peopleyou bought it from dawg lol....

Michael Bolton
14th Jan 2005, 16:54
you need a network adapter and a cat-5 ethernet cord to hook into the back of your ps2 and run to your modem or your router. you need cable internet or dsl as well.

15th Jan 2005, 19:20
on the game.. can u have online gangs and pick colors of clothes and bandanas?

Michael Bolton
15th Jan 2005, 23:21
yes, you can have clans/gangs and you can fully customize your character and use him online.