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11th Jan 2005, 21:11
Ok...I've delivered the Paw and the chalice and been through the keepers library. Several times I saw "new objective" appear on the screen, but when I look at my objectives list there are no new ones there. It just shows the completed objectives, 1)obtain the paw form the pagans and 2) deliver the stuff,(both checked off) and after that says that I'm now working for the keepers but nothing else. I know I'm supposed to head to the docks next, and i'm 95% sure I did everything necessary in the library. I went to the docks and found the glyph in the sewer(but was unable to get anything to happen) and boarded the abysmal gale but went back to the library to make sure I wasn't missing something. Shouldn't more objectives be displaying? From looking at the walk throughs it would seem so. Any help would be much appreciated. Seems like something is missing. If this is normal I'll keep plugging along.

11th Jan 2005, 21:35
As you have done the pagan sanctuary.You have the power of the Glyph. Have you read everything in the Library.
You must read all the notes.
Have you done, St Edgar's Church
Have you
done the Abysmal gale.Read about the compendium of reproach.Then do The Widow Moira Mission.The Glyph is by the small boat at the Dock's If you have.The Glyph for the Sunken Citadel works the same way.Click the Glyph to enter.You have maybe not read everything in the Library,Spoken to Artimus
Search around the Keeper Library for clues about the Dark Age

12th Jan 2005, 00:27
READ YOUR NOTES. Some new side quests show up and are in the notes. But these are not objectives.

You don't need these to finish a mission or the game.

Like Gillie said, if all your objectives are checked off, then you can continue the mission(s) and play through the game.

And STOP LOOKING AT WALKTHROUGHS. They do not cover all aspects of the game, or the options you have, and mislead players.

PLAY THE GAME, and let your own eyes and ears guide you. If you get stuck, post and someone will answer your question.

12th Jan 2005, 17:09
But shouldn't the dock objectives be listed in the goals list like all other objectives have been? I've been through the library and done everything necessary I'm now 100% on that. I even went into the forbidden library and got all the loot and the new map and been in the hidden room. Like I said, when I found the hidden glyph in the tunnel near the row boat I couldn't get anything to happen. Any help on what i'm supposed to do there would be great.

12th Jan 2005, 17:42
While you were in the Library did you!
Go up to Keeper Isolade; use the plaque in the wall.To receive the keeper door Glyph. You have to put your hand on it after you have spoken to her to get the upgrade.She's straight ahead from the elevator, in
The sunken area.
Speak to Keeper Artimus!
Read the note
To use the Glyph.Go close up to the Glyph right click it.Go as close as you can.That is all a can think!
Read the letter the Hammerite Inspector Drept has left for you objective: Go to the Docks' Pagan stronghold and read the letter left for you from Dyan on the wall near the camp! :confused: :)
The Dock's are not listed as an Objective.Just the missions.
The Sunken Citadel Is one Mission, Then before you do the Mansion Mission You go into the Abysmal Gale!.

12th Jan 2005, 18:43
i've done everything but read the letter posted on the wall at the docks. Thanks for the help. I still don't understand why nothing happened when I found the glyph in the tunnel. I'll see how that goes.

12th Jan 2005, 19:03
Sounds to me like you missed a book in the library which starts "activates" the glyph in the tunnel. Go back to the library and take the elevator (or climb ladder) to the second level of the library, on exiting the elevator take your immediate right, travel around the circular area and read the book on the far back wall. This should complete the objective about clues to the dark age and open up the glyph in the tunnel within the docks. Give this a shot and see if it opens up the tunnel glyph.

I could be wrong about this, if anyone finds this information as incorrect, please post the correct steps to activate the glyph. Thanks :D

13th Jan 2005, 14:26
I read the letter left by dyan.. that must've been it because the glyph in the sunken temple is visible now. I haven't been on the Abysmal Gale yet so that will lead me to the mansion mission so I can either do the sunken temple or the mansion mission next. Thanks for the help all. With 3 kids sometimes it's hard to hear all that is being said in the game or miss something small. LOL:D love this game.