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10th Jan 2005, 06:48
Okay I was watching a few videos i dont think any of you saw these ones yet....

I saw a cop get shot in the back with a shotgun by a thug, from about 3 feet away, and he didn't go down.... He get shot again when he turned around, in the chest and he finally went down, but not from getting shot again in the chest, but becuz his team mate shot him in the back when he turned around, friendly fire killed him but 2 shotgun shells didn't? Maybe the vest protected his chest and him getting shot in the back again killed him off. IDK....lol....

I also heard that the game will be respawn, which is kinda retarded. Whoever has the better record of kills and deaths every game gets more points. But one good thing I found out, their is a ranking system! So all of you who wanted a ranking system, there you have it. I don't quite know how it is all set up tho.

I was reading up and looking at all kinda of videos, I read that the more points you get from killing a lot and getting killed barely ever, you can get all kinda of stuff, from neclaces, to shoes, to new clothes, I knew about this all along but im just giving everything i know encase a few of u didn't know.

Tag Mode sounds very stupid. Deathmatch (War) in this game sounds like the most fun way to play online. Raid might be cool, and robbery sounds kinda fun, but it would be too hard to win, considering you have to leave a building with all the money u stole and the cops r in the building and right by the doors waiting for u!! I guess its meant to be a challenge.

The music will be from Xzibit, Nature, 2pac, Ghostface, Ja Rule, DMX, and a few other good artists of the hip hop category. Sorry to you rock fans. Im mixed I like rock and hip hop so it dosn't bother me. Im just glad country isn't in it. lol.

Good news for first person shooter fans, this game is meant to be played from a third-person perspective, but you can switch to first person anytime you want. Third-person would allow you to see what is going on around you tho, like where the he!! the grenade is that was thrown by you, haha. But switching to first person might be a good choice if your going to be in one spot the whole time as a sniper or just waiting against a wall to ambush someone. But unless your being a sniper, i suggest you stick with third-person. Your better off....

REALLY BAD NEWS for the cop fans of the game.... I read that the gangsters have A LOT more features to choose from in the character custimization than cops do. Cops probably don't have half as many choices as the gangsters do. But still, I think every cop will have some difference. I also saw that when creating a character, you can be male or female, this is bad news for some males that dont wanna be killed by a girl, but i doubt many girls will play anyways.

The cops will always start off with tazers and grenades, the gangsters will only get advantages in ammunition and better guns. Gangsters start off with better guns and a lot more ammo, but don't worry officers, you have grenades and tazers! (Tazers arn't gonna do ***** tho) lol. They said that gangsters have an advantage, because they could use human shields, but really its not an advantage at all, because cops can use them also.

The sound AFX would be rated 10/10- Great sound AFX

The Graphics would be rated around 8.5/10- Good, but a couple
very small problems.

The camera angels would be rated 9/10- I heard it is very easy to follow, and know where your going and you always able to see whos after you and where your going to or aiming.

Originality is 10/10- To me, no one has ever made a game about cops and thugs, well atleast where you can play online, and pick which side to be on.

Gameplay would be overall 9.5/10- Everything seams good, but tag mode seams very stupid, and graphix arn't the best. Also i think it could be a LITTLE more realistic.

Overall- 47/50 94% A Get this game!!

I will have more info soon............

10th Jan 2005, 14:39
The only one i have a problem with.....MAKE THIS GAME ROUND BASED COMBAT:mad: !!!!!!!!!!!!! ROUND BASED F'ING COMBAT!!!!!

10th Jan 2005, 21:00
hey gangsta where did you see these videos?

13th Jan 2005, 09:14
If its respawn only, I won't be getting it.

13th Jan 2005, 16:15
obioulsy it will be both if they want satisfaction;)

13th Jan 2005, 16:17
Originally posted by xBlitzerx
If its respawn only, I won't be getting it.

amen to that...

and Gangsta on some of your comments, I saw one video where an officer had an mp5. Personally..Id take an mp5 over an uzi or AK-47 any day...I just hope they have an M4 or M16..

If you can walk up behind someone with a taser that will be absolutly hilarious...imagine (If they do go round based)..having the last gangster left and 3 cops just tasering him but not killing him..hahaha..

but as for features such as style and clothing..that was to be expected. There are really only 3 types of clothes cops wear...the uniform patrol officers have, SWAT tactical gear, and Narcotics teams that have jeans and vests..so I have nothing agaisnt that..thats realistic, gangsters or drug dealers in reality have various clothes..so..oh well..

14th Jan 2005, 17:23
respawn rules dude...

14th Jan 2005, 19:35
Originally posted by CraZyPingU
respawn rules dude...


everyonce and awhile on socom I would think "well, havent played respawn in awhile.." and its cool to do from time to time..but there is no true competition that way..Id hate to keep refering to socom..but at least there was some motive..it wasnt just to stay alive..it was to win the rounds..you had players that would go for a kill knowing they would die after the fact...because they knew it would help the team get the hostages..and help them win the round, which in hand could possibly get them more points..its cool to have that team work..something you will NEVER have in respawn...

14th Jan 2005, 20:42
you play socom Deputy? what server?

15th Jan 2005, 01:50
Originally posted by SwamiG8R
you play socom Deputy? what server?

anything in US east...

15th Jan 2005, 14:52
screen name?
Mine is the same as it is here.....
LSU Clan

17th Jan 2005, 08:41
Unfortunetly I agree with the Deputy, the Mp5 is no slouch of a weapon, its a much better tactical weapon... i'd love to have one of those..... But You have to love the sound and power of a "chopper"... *smile*

17th Jan 2005, 09:40
no doubt, its got some balls..maybe thats why our United States Navy uses them..but ..your right gangster..im sure the thugs and drug dealers are better equiped than our navy *note sarcasim*

and Swami

TheAngryPigeon or Hatebreed247

I havent been on in a long time..im currently into the new game mercs, which I would recommend to anyone who loves action games..

17th Jan 2005, 18:28
the new mercenaries game? I rented that this weekend.....pretty fun

17th Jan 2005, 19:36
Originally posted by SwamiG8R
the new mercenaries game? I rented that this weekend.....pretty fun

yea, finally a game with alot of depth and missions...even though driving from point to point was a pain in the ass....this game should be like that...