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9th Jan 2005, 20:48
Great game indeed.

I got this just before Christmas not having known that it was out previously. Since then however we've established quite the following and are getting a lot of support from our community at www.thedirtynation.com seeing as we live for dirty racing ! :D We have a dedicated forum and I will be encouraging all of our members to subscribe to this forum and contribute their thoughts on this gem of a game.

As earlier stated however there are a number of increasingly annoying issues that are beginning to spoil the entire experience for a few of our members. Some of these have been listed previously, however for clarity sake I'm going to re-state so please forgive me as there are no recent threads.

Locking. I'm experiencing the game freeze as well but for me it is more an issue when hosting and coming back to the lobby from the game result screen. The loading text in the right corner simply freezes and you have to restart completely to recover.

Loading. When starting the game there seems to be a number of connection issues that are becoming more prevalent. Mainly the timeouts of various players on the grid resulting in them exploding before the start. This seems to point more towards router conflicts than anything else as I know for a fact that the people being dropped have superb connections in other games and can host more than the average with no problems at all. Games such as Ghost Recon 2 and TOCA 2 for example, both high bandwidth requirements, these folks host full rooms with no issues at all, but are continually getting dropped from the start line when not hosting. When Hosting, they regularly lose the entire room. When they do make it to the start grid however, there do not appear to be any issues whatsoever.

Team Games. I've noticed that it is very difficult in certain game modes to be able to change to the team of your choice. The host doesn't seem to have a choice, and certain players in the room cannot switch without the server automatically switching them back. This often results in unbalanced teams that we can do nothing about. Also the hosts screen players list flickers rapidly for say 10 secs as if it were automatically shuffling the player list. This is very frequent in team kamakaze and is hugely distracting as you cannot read the list at all.

Those are the major issues that I have, I am sure if these were remedied that this game would enjoy a much greater following given the pure entertainment value.

As far as enhancements go, I'd like to see a couple of things resolved. Having blown yourself to peices and watching those still running in the race it would much better to know the position they were holding while still running. As it is sure you can watch, but they could be in first or last place, you have no idea at present. Switching game modes without resetting the room is a must as you keep losing a number of players that perhaps cannot find you as easily as they might. A Roof or Hood cam would be a great addition, the bumper cam can be a little disoreintating at times, and seems to effect the handling somewhat from what I can tell. The engine note sound effects are the most dissapointing aspect from my perspective, they could certainly do with some enhancement. MIght I suggest also that you include a link from the CNB website to this forum as it is rather difficult to locate.

Overall however I must say this is most fun I have had on four wheels in a very long time, I'm thrilled with the game and if we could get the issues ironed out it would be superb ! Watch for some contributions from our Dirty Nation members .. in meantime congratulations on a great title !


9th Jan 2005, 23:10
I completly agree with you BlueFin, fix this problem so we can enjoy this game more and not get frustrated,
EIDOS you need to help us guys here at thedirtynation

10th Jan 2005, 00:27
I agree, this game does have potential to be great. Although I do have a hard time recommending it to my friends when the problems with the game itself have made me stop playing it all togethor. It seems that people at Eidos have pretty much forgot about those who have already spent their money to buy it. This game has been out for quite some time and there is no attempt to correct any of the problems. If game freeze was an issue before the game was released why was it never corrected??

sleeping devil
10th Jan 2005, 01:29
i agree with fin (p175) on everything he has said, i got the game because he recomended it to me. i loved the game for the first 3 days then when most of my friends got it i started having connection probloms with friends like jo papa and mile_coupe, in the lobby i couldnt talk to them and in the races i couldnt see them which meant i couldnt wreck them if they were the king in assasination or know if i was in first place in the races or kamikaze im sure that if you fix these probloms ill start plaing this game again

11th Jan 2005, 14:09
Fin first of all thanks for hosting a great session last night! My personal experince with this game is various lock ups on Multiplayer Games. At first I thought it was a loose cord on my Xbox but after talking with the other guys while playing I found that it was Crash n Burn causing it. 5 lockups on me just in 4 hour session last night. Curious to see if the PS 2 guys are having the same issues or not. This game is perfect idea for downloaded content. New Tracks, New Race Modes the lists are endless... But the connection issues have to be addressed first and foremost. Also just a hint on a different game mode "ice track" .


11th Jan 2005, 14:24
I too have experienced the loading screen freeze. Sometimes it occurs after a race, sometimes before the start of a race. I have made sure that I have no traffic on my router other than the XBox just to ensure that there was not a problem in that area. The game is great, but this one sticking point is pretty annoying.


12th Jan 2005, 00:21
good to see this issue being brought back up again. i hope it is in the process of getting fixed and sure would be good to hear some news from tech support on how its coming. i still can go serveral days with no lock ups and then the next day it might lock up 4 times in a row which i then curse at it and go play something else.

13th Jan 2005, 17:51
Hi Everybody,
I would love to be able to tell you that this problem will be fixed, but the fact is, it probably won't be. :-( This game, in either PS2 or Xbox format has no patching planned for it at the present time. Naturally, I would prefer that it would, but there it is. What I can do is make sure that these problems get forwarded to the development staff with my recommendation that we do a patch to fix it, but that is all.

One thing I can tell you, carved in stone, is that our upcoming online games, Project Snowblind and Twenty-five to Life, have patching support planned for them. We gain a little each time...

13th Jan 2005, 23:09
Well that ruined my week :(

Thanks for the response at least

15th Jan 2005, 06:19
Yes i agree it is unfortunate, nut atleast they (eidos) are learning from their mistakes:D

15th Jan 2005, 07:05
Since MikeyG gave us some information during the initial XBL tourney, my earlier questions won't be posted here, however, that being said, I do hope that consumer demand [ mega-sales] justifies a sequel or updated version, similar to what Sega vainly tried to do with its Sega GT game, if not an outright new game.

This game is pure fun, and is one of the few games I play that although it can be frustrating to the point of breaking your Box, it won't make you regret owning it.

A sequel is needed with improvements big enough to move the title out of the bargain bin, and into the $50 bin.

Since we also know that this forum is read, I will start a thread with a heading of "things we'd like to see" and if the group refrains from complaints and instead posts positive suggestions, I'm sure we'd be heard.