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9th Jan 2005, 00:08
Who wants to be in my gang when the game comes out? We will be black and light blue or green. Me and my friend Derek r gonna be the leaders but were not gonna tell u what to do just lead you to where we need u and let u know what to consentrate on. If anyone is a good sniper and wants to be in just reply to this message.

lil G
9th Jan 2005, 19:03
yo homie get ur own gang man dnt u ave ene frends. jus get a gang in time so ma cru can whoop yo A**

10th Jan 2005, 03:28
dude ur a ***in loser, i was askin if anyone would wanna join mine, i wasnt asking to join urs u batty boy *****

10th Jan 2005, 20:59