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8th Jan 2005, 12:00
Here is my suggestions for Imperial Glory in the small hope this oppertunity wont go to waste...

Advanced Morale System:
Here is a lit of varibles that should be coded into the game that effect each individual unit at varying degrees which is determinded by its quality/experiance, ect.

Types of the emotions:

Moral: Moral gives reassurence, confidence and bravery.
Confidence: A unit with high confience will use his bayonet like a pro and will be more effective during hand-to-hand.
Fatigue: Fatigue is the units state of tirdness, a tird unit will not fight as well as a unit that is fresh from a good nights sleep.
Fear: A unit that is scared and fears the enemy will not be as confident and will most likely run awaywhen the ***** hits the fan.


Moral: The higher moral, the harder and longer the unit will fight and the less likely he will rout/retreat.
Confidence: Expect a unit with low confidence to fight with less effort and a unit with high confidence to fight hard and use his bayo like it should.
Fatigue: The more tird and exhausted the unit is, the less he will be able to fight. This is where a swarm of peasants could rout the highest quality enemy from the field...
Fear: Units in fear will not be as confident and will not fight as hard as they should and they will also more likely rout.

As you can see, state of mind is EXTREMLY important...

Variable: Weather

Effect: Bad weather can give a slight morale hit/boost to unit/s.

Explanation: Has the army been marching a long distance through winter weather only for the sun to come out one minute and then at the start of battle, it starts to piss it down with rain or snow? But then if the army had been marching through hard winter weather and then at the beggining of the battle, the sun came out, the morale boost would occur.
Varible: Presense of friendly unit/s

Effect: Presense and position of some friendly units can give a morale boost to other friendly units

Explanation: A unit with a unit beside or behind or infront of them is going to be alot happier and confident than if they are left more exposed or stranded arnt they? Also the distance of the surrounding unit also effects the severity of the morale boost. Also the the quality/status of the units also effects the severity of the morale boost which also depends on the quality/status of the unit recieving it. A generale will give the biggest morale boost but the fruther the unit is from the general, the lesser th boost will be. A unit of Black Watch is gonna give that unit of Red Coats a nice hefty boost of morale and confidence becuase they know they have beside them, the best troops the British Army has to offer while the Black Watch will get a slight morale boost from knowing there not alone but the boost will not be as large becuase the Black Watch of a higher quality/experiance to the unit of Red Coats. Also the position of the unit-to-unit also effects the severity of the morale boost. A unit at the left or right of A unit will get a medium morale boost with the reassuring knowledge that there flank is going to be protected, while a unit infront of another unit won't give as much of a morale boost but a unit INFRONT of a unit will give the highest morale boost.
Variable: Witnessing an enemy or friendly unit taking damage.

Effect: Can give a morale boost or a morale hit, respectivly.

Explanation: If an enemy unit is getting its line after line dropped by unrelentless musket volly's then any friendly unit witnessing this will gain a morale boost while any enemy watching their own unit/s getting slauthered will take a morale hit. The same apllies to hand-to-hand too, obviously. The morale boost/hit is determined by the units experiance. A Black Watch unit will not gain as much of a morale boost as a fresh line of Red Coats will becuase there experianced and know that theres still a enar-complete army waiting to be killed while the fresh Red Coats will get excited becuase of there in-experiance and nievity.
Variable: Size of enemy force.

Effect: Moral hit/boost.

Explanation: The smaller the enemy the bigger the boost, the larger it is, a morale hit kicks in but the severity is dependant on the experiance and bravery of the unit who is recieving the hit/boost.
Varible: Appearance of enemy forces.

Effect: Fear/Confidence hit.

Explanation: I'm sure our fresh-faced Red Coats will be engaging some fearsome looking alian-like barbaric enemy which thev'e never seen before so they should take a fear hit and confidence hit. The fear hit gets smaller and smaller the more times the unit/s have fought against this nasty scary looking enemy unit.
Variable: Types of weapons used by the enemy.

Effect: Fear/Confidence hit.

Explanation: Your units should take a fear and confidence hit when the enemy are weilding some particulary barbaric and fearsome looking weapons such as what the Africans used to carry. This fear/confidence hit varies between unit-to-unit depending on their experiance/bravery, ect.
Variable: Fatigue.

Effect: The fatigue of the unit dramitcly effects their moral and confidence, not just their fighting/aiming ability.

Explanation: Unit/s that have been marching long distances or sprinting before they engage will not be as effective as a fresh unit on a full stomach so a moral and confidence hit should be applied which depends on the distance/length of time and fitness of the unit has been running/marching. Also ground type will speed up fatigue rate, snow, mud, sand ect... all difficult ground to travel on but thats for another section alltogether...
Variable: Fear of the cannon.

Effect: Units taking large morale/fear hits under cannon attack.

Explanation: Units take a fear hit when under cannon attack which is dependant of the severity and/or accuracy of the cannon barrage and the units/s experiance/brvery stats.
Variable: Neutrilisation of heavy weaponry, perticulary rock-hard enemy unit or killing of enemy general.

Effect: Morale hit/boost, respectivly.

Explanation: If your forces neutrilse a perticulary deadly piece of weaponry like a cannon then any units that witnessed the neatrilisation will gain a morale boost and the severity of this boost is dependant only on the ammount of damage this piece of weaponry had inflicted on your army. For example, a cannon that only fired 1 or 2 shots at yopur army but is then destroyed, will not give much of a moral boost but if this cannon had been firing unrelentless volly after volly and killing masses of your men then if this cannon got neatrulised, the moral boost to any of your units that saw it happening will be very high.

The same applies for the neutrilisation of any PERTICULARY rock-hard enemies such as French Lancers, ect and the moral boost is dependant on the ammount of your own forces were killed by the unit, not just its battlefield status.

The killing of the enemy general should give all units that saw it happen, a very, very high moral boost.
Variable: Formation of your forces

Effect: Bad army formation will give confidence hit depending on the experiance of the unit.

Explanation: The higher the experiance of the unit, the more the confidence hit becuase with their experiance comes the knowledge that army formation is everything when it comes to winning a battle. While the lesser experianced units will be not as aware of a badly formed army so therfore, not much, if not any confidence hit will occur. Also the worse the formation, the bigger the confidence hit and also, the worse the formation, the more aware the lesser experianced troops will be of the ineffective formation. Sort of like a treshold untill they realise.
Variable: Terrain.

Effect: The tricker and less advantageous the terrain, the bigger the confidence hit.

Explanation: Units recieve a confidence hit from being on dis-advantageous terain such as the bottom of a hill, a muddy field or if theres thick brush on their flanks as that is a perfect abmush oppertunity for the enemy. The severity of the confidence hit depends on the dis-adventageousness of the terrain and also the units fighting style and attack style/method. For example, a unit that stands there in the classic 3-line formation continually firing down range at the enemy is not going to want to be in a thickly wooded forest where he cant shoot for ***** now is he? Or a unit of mounted soldiers are also not going to want to be in thick wodded forests as a cavelry charge is impossible with all the trees in their way. However, a melee unit that uses ambush and suprise to its advantage would love to be placed in a forest of thickly overgrwon areas so they can hide and mount their attack with complete suprise.

Obviously the severity of these boosts and hits of these various emotions would have to be VERY, VERY carefully balanced so that it dosent become a HUGE aspect of the game. Sublty is the key and when you get the balance right, you end up with something very, very special. its all in the balance.

Not too obvious, not too subtle. Just there...

13th Jan 2005, 23:13
wow their are some really good ideas in there i sincerely hope that some are implemented in the game. They would make the battles less predictable. If youve read about the battle for New Orleans between Wellington's Heros and the ragtag army of the united states it helps undestand how theses variable can affect a battle very much(im sure their are other examples but i just finished reading a book on the battle so its still fresh in my mind:)). thanks for doing this hope they can use some of your ideas.