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Lord Zimoa of Flanders
8th Jan 2005, 11:53
Ok last night i couldn't keep the image out of my head,French and Russian Recruits,Prussian and Austrian Landwehr with clubs roaming the battlefield.
This has nothing to do with historically correctness,it is plain stupid,ridiculous,absurd even.
It would be the same as putting Knights in a WW2 game.
Clubs were used in the Stone Age,a rioting civilian uprise than can be but not as a unit you can train.
Give them an older type of musket and bajonet and some ragged cloths for my part but please club the men who came up with this idea.
Change this unit i beg you.


8th Jan 2005, 13:20
*move along read the post wrong*

8th Jan 2005, 13:51
On the other hand it could be fun.
Especially with russia who reportedly gets cheap manpower.

So just spamming the world with stoneage club warriors, esp as they are easily the cheapest massproducable hordes, id gather. :D
Ok, I know it will get old soon, but for a while atleast the neanderthal inside could shine.

Maybe that club thug society could sponsor luddites everywhere to bring an end to technology. Yeah i know, they really just wanted their jobs, but stereotyping is fun.

9th Jan 2005, 21:16
Let us compare the real Prussian Landwher to the IG version:




I think it's so silly to have club men :rolleyes: .

I know there has to be some kind of balance for historical realism and gameplay, but having these melee fighters is an odd choice. If they want to have a low-level soldier, they should just give them a less powerful shot power than regulars and perhaps less health.

13th Jan 2005, 00:29
here is an image that just entered my head:

The prussian and French armies are about to begin to do battle. The Prussians discharge their weapons and then procede to charge their enemies positions. With a proud heart I watch my prussian forces charge the french position whirling their clubs in the air as they run up to meet the French defenders.

Im sorry but whatever happened to the dramatic scene of glistening bayonets charging across the open field. wouldnt the clubbers detract from the drama of a scene like that. Because in my opinion the scene of prehistoric clubbers running into battle seems IMHO absurd and comical. I definetely hope that you can outfit your recruits/Landwhers with firearms(or at the very least a more upgraded club;))