View Full Version : PLEASE HELP ME with the Glyphs!!

8th Jan 2005, 08:16
I am VERY CONFUSED. I am on the second mission and feel like I have completed all I can...I currently have all objectives fulfilled except for entering the well to steal the pagan thing and entereing the Church to steal the other item. When I get to both locations...they are lit up with the glyph...but Garret talks.....and nothing happens....

How do I get down into the well....and how do I get into the CHURCH ?? I am very stuck....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.

Thank you!! :)

8th Jan 2005, 09:31
Walk up to the GLYPH. Put your nose on it and when it highlights, click the mouse. :D

8th Jan 2005, 14:25
Right click, that is. Left clicking doesn't work. :)

9th Jan 2005, 10:23
Just wanted to say thank you very much for your HELP...I am now in need of help on the Pagan level. I haven't found the object to steal from the pagan's...I don't know where it is...and I have found the altar but I can't figure out what to do. I am getting CONFUSED, lol PLEASE HELP.

9th Jan 2005, 19:24
The item is INSIDE THE TREE at the altar. You need to break the spell with a special set of actions.

Go back to the alley at the top of the stairs. On the right at the far end is a room with a woman standing next to a bed. You need to get in there and read the note that is near her by the bed.

This tells you the ritual that will release the item for you.