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Lord Zimoa of Flanders
7th Jan 2005, 10:47
This game has got a lot of potential,the only thing that really bothers me is the choice of units:

-Militia(Recruits?),Landwehr without muskets is absurd.
-Cavalry like Household and Grenadiers a Cheval are heavy,using the carabine as a main weapon is ridiculous,if you consider to give cavalry a shooting capacity it should be a secondary weapon only option,and give it to Light like Hussars or Chasseurs instead.
-Uniforms should be more correct like green for the British Rifles.

I understand to create a mix for the sake of balanced game play,but as a Napoleonic freak my heart bleeds.
So please don't make this game like an arcade game,being more historically correct can be done and still have a great game and balance.
I think you will broaden your public as the main public doesn't know anyway and the more Napoleonic fans will appreciate it.
So why these strange units,i see absolutely no reason for their existence.


7th Jan 2005, 13:27
I certainly agree with you - especially with the cavalry. Almost all of the British heavies had given up using carbines/musketoons, and those that did have them often got rid of them.

The units are the only bone I have with this game - everything else seems alright to me.

7th Jan 2005, 16:07
Hi LZoF! Good to see you here my friend!

I too have a few concerns over Imperial Glory (ie Unit sizing, uniforms etc etc), but I shall reserve judgement on it until i have played the game. Either way, it won't be as good as NTW2 ;)



7th Jan 2005, 16:19
I sure do hope guns for recruits exists as an improvement...

Othervise, well, i guess someone could have a lot of fun spamming the world with endless hordes of clubbers (and building nothing else but more club guys) :D

Lord Zimoa of Flanders
7th Jan 2005, 20:14
Ux M8 Cheers!
Another thing, i understand they reduced standard unit size for low spec machines but i hope they will include an option for really big unit settings so that people who have the hardware can play with huge armies as it was in that Age.
In my honest opinion if they update the units and include huge unit sizes they will have a hit.
As good as we tried with NTW1 we missed better graphics,sea battles and better A1 behaviour all hard coded so outside our modding abilities.
This game could have it all personally,i don't like the RTW Campmap so please i hope they listen to us a little bit,we all work and play for years now with Napoleonic games,i think we have a good insight into the Napoleonic loving community.
Of course we will make a jewel out of NTW2 but i would love to see Imperial Glory it just needs a little more guts.
Historical units,uniforms and huge unit settings will not scare the main public it will instead get more attention from the hardcore Napoleonic fans.


spamming the world with endless hordes of clubbers :D

8th Jan 2005, 13:37
The Green Jacket problem has been discussed here before. I don't see a problem with it. After all no army has a green uniform. I am also puzzled as to why the recruits of the Prussians have no muskets. Every painting I've seen shows them with muskets.

19th Jan 2005, 12:23
The 5/60th had red facings to their rifle green uniforms, which would fit well with the whole "One army, One uniform colour" type of thing going on.