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6th Jan 2005, 14:17
So I made it myself.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Rendezvous in Paris

Staring Lara Croft and Kurtis Trent


~ Just a note ~

I wanted to post this here because hoping fellow TR fans'll find it funny. Just to be clear, the Eidos bit at the end isn't aimed at this forum (just the company) and it's meant to be tongue in cheek anyway!

And sorry to any big Kurtis fans, I love him really...

Click here to download (www.simply-reviews.co.uk/SPTR/SP_TR_Final.mpg) (5.3 MB)
15 Minutes on Dial Up...
"But it's 15 minutes that will ROCK YOUR WORLD"
- Empire Magazine

Hope ya like!

6th Jan 2005, 17:57
Nice work. :D

6th Jan 2005, 18:11
LOL! I like it!

6th Jan 2005, 18:54
Kurtis sure sounds a heck of alot like Butthead nowadays.;) Nicely done!

6th Jan 2005, 19:28
Originally posted by yesrushdt
Kurtis sure sounds a heck of alot like Butthead nowadays.;) Nicely done!

haha, well spotted : p I think it suits him...sort of. Maybe I should draw him coming back to life as cornholio...

Anyway, Thanks everyone! much 'preciated!

6th Jan 2005, 20:57
LOL. Very cute ... tks for the laugh Still_X2b!

Sophia Leigh
7th Jan 2005, 05:06
Very Nice! I wonder if the creators of South Park enjoy playing Tomb Raider? :D

7th Jan 2005, 14:14
That was hilarious! Brilliant work!! I can't imagine being able to dream up something like that and execute it. Your incorporation of the game sounds made it that much more special; (I won't elaborate and spoil it). :)

It's one thing to take shots of a game and piece them together for an animation, but to do something from complete scratch is..... AMAZING. Congratulations, you've been elected as the Resident Funny Man of the Tomb Raider community!