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6th Jan 2005, 02:54
Well, I'm really into Socom.

But I'm willing to give this game a try.

I tried both Battlefront and Killzone, returned both. For different reasons. Killzone I liked, it wasn't a Socom competetor, it was a FPS. But it didn't let you change controller options. Battlefront, well just sucked.

Anways, I think this games needs:

1 - Controller options. Either styles like Socom or individual buttons. (I use 'Sure Shot' as I'm sure others do also)

2 - Round based games. (As well as respawn).

3 - Option to turn the music off. I can't be the only one that isn't a fan of rap here. Why do I wanna play the game then? Simple, I want it to become Socom, with new maps, weapons, characters and story. So let me have it, please.

EDIT : More added... Jan 6th

Also, do the devs read/post here?

9th Jan 2005, 02:14
theres 2 much fake crap out there
please make this REAL.

i like the look of the game so far, the modes look cool, but theres one area i am a little concerned about: "TAG MODE". the idea sounds real good if its done right, if its done wrong it will be a real let down. my deal is with the customization of your own original "tag" or graphic. there needs to be more than just an alphabet you can tweek , but a paint tool similar to other games, where you can actually draw your own GRAFF graphic, and this MUST be included. if not this mode will be little more than another crappy way for game developers to throw in cheap imitations of STREET ART into their game - im tired of seeing it. they need to stop trying to use the "true to dat street my homie g dawg" attitude and look into how they can make their game look and feel realistic and fun.

thatz it.

9th Jan 2005, 20:11
Sorry for bumping, but I was hopeing the mod has any info on the control styles of the game??