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6th Jan 2005, 01:54
hello. i am new comer on I.G. and i think i have already fallen into this game. i am dying for the release :) BUT...i have some questions about this game to possibly make me some sad unless i can't hear 'YES' that i want to.

1. is there reinforcements system in battle? like Total War?

i have found some threds about the units size; unfortunately it's limitted to 2000 right?, perhaps including enemies in a real time battle at one time. ok i am ok!. ok...so is there reinforcements system in the battle like total war? i.e if i lose some the 40men troops, i can bring new units that i bring together in the battlefield? of course, better in seabattle. u can imagine total war. And i may sorry about that comparison with total war, but i can't explain why the requirement without comparing to total war game system.

i have heard the reason of size limitation is because of the graphics on a reasonable hardwar spec. i understand. BUT! i don't understand if the game not includ reinforcement system in battlefield. i am not a representative to all the war game simulation mania and i don't think my opion is most common thing that all other ppl enjoying this type of game have.

but just take it as a general idea please. Maybe most people who like this type of war game want larger scale battle. and 2000 is not enough i think. but the number can be enough if the game enable users to bring another units in a battlefield to reinforce. yea maybe TW ruins peaceful mind men to crazy for the bloody mess party. So the number two

2. user can change unit size in the game option? :) just hoping. sorry. if i can change the size over 40, i be really happy. but, even if i can do, the max no less than 40...makes me feel sad.

3. no more question. actually i don't like MTW or RTW cuz i don't like the type of fight. but i love NTW as modification some ppl here know. So i was yelling hail! when i knew this game under developing. As a matter of fact, as a MTW mod, NTW has limitation to be embodied from medievel to 18th century battle type due to the AI action set hardly possible to crash. they seldom fire.:mad:

i have been waiting for the release date like you regardless of whether the answers about the question above good or bad for me.

one more..the reasonable computer spec...i plan to upgrade mine. AMD 64 winchester 3200+ or more. and ddr ram 1G+

6th Jan 2005, 09:41
Originally posted by warobserver

one more..the reasonable computer spec...i plan to upgrade mine. AMD 64 winchester 3200+ or more. and ddr ram 1G+

If that won't run it nothing will :)

Seriously this is a high end system so it will run just great (though you didn't mention what graphics card you'd be puttin in). Besides with Praetorians Pyro has proven that their engine is scalable and it can run on lower machines just fine too.

6th Jan 2005, 14:51
So how about troop sizes?

Will Napoleon be sending 35000 soldiers to Egypt, or 350?
Really just wondering about the factor between reality and game.

Just compare to the Russian army at theese times, 1 200 000 soldiers. ;)