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Mr. C.
5th Jan 2005, 15:52
Sorry if this was covered somewhere, although I looked and didn't see it. I was wondering how diplomacy worked.

Some of the objectives of Napoleon's battles were to force agreements on the defeated nation, and not to gobble up territory. Will things like that be possible in this game? Can you force a country to limit it's army's size or accept a ceasefire/peace treaty etc. because you've won a major battle and destroyed and captured a large amount of it's army?

I remember reading that the Austrian archduke Charles (or John), kept his army from engaging Napoleon so that he could use it as leverage in peace negotiations after another army had been soundly defeated ( I can't remember if this was Austerlitz or not).

Couldn't this be worked into a program so that if you destroy or capture a certain percentage of a country's army there would be certain levels of demands that you could make from taking territory to demanding certain concessions on military re-arming or trade with your other enemies?

The level of hostility towards you would be higher if you demand territory and less if all you want is a peace treaty. You could also send spies into the country to see if they were living up to their agreements, and if not you could again send a diplomat and threaten them.

What do you think?

6th Jan 2005, 17:15
This is indeed one of the more important tests of the game, can it deliver on the promised diplomacy.

It has been reported to be a bit like what you describe, with a "?" at how far battles can influence. (interviews, previews etc9

Seems also like Nappy was actually forcing thru vassalisation deals, wherein the defeated would surrender part of their economy and troops, while follow the diplomacy dictated from Paris (or else!).

I really hope designers get that vassalisation right!
Hopefully here with varying deals, like just policies, and/or varying parts of economy and troops... not to mention thinking about ways of breaking free. Is it enough to just declare thus, and what happens then? All parts of the alliance moving in to part the spoil :D

Mr. C.
7th Jan 2005, 11:51
Cool. Sounds fairly promising then.:) Diplomacy has been a weakness in just about every strategy game I've played. Hopefully they can deliver in this one.

24th Jan 2005, 16:30
This is indeed one of the more important tests of the game, can it deliver on the promised diplomacy.

Yes, it's a priority on my worry list. Hope to see a very usefull yet advanced system. Again...just too bad there are not that many land provinces in the game.