View Full Version : Read This Everyone (game ideas and facts)

5th Jan 2005, 05:21
Okay I have been seeing tons of crap on this board that kind of angers me. If your not old enough and your parents want to let u have it, then you should be able to have it, if they dont want u having it, then dont get it.

Most parents are okay with their child playing violent games, becuz guess what?? Only retarded children dont know the difference between real life and a dam video game.

I myself like the violence in my games and bullets flying everywhere. Its very fun and just better and more exciting then lets say, oh a kiddy game or a sports game? lol

Im gonna be a gangster when i get the game, and i already am planning on having a crew, does that make me wanna pawn my game to go by a sawned off shotgun and kill a cop? No!

And this is to the little girl who said this is a rip off copy of san andreas, your an idiot. Is San Andreas at all like this? No. Is san andreas even online? no. In san andreas do u get killed afcter a couple shots or have an unrealistic ammount of health? In san andreas can u be a cop or gangster?

The music on this game isn't even bad either, the music in any other action games is just as bad.

San Andreas was $50 brand new, and 25 to life gives u the privlage of playing online and having a carear mode for only $45 brand new from gaming horrizon .com Not to mention is san andreas ur mom gets killed and u have corrupt cops after u.

And for the eprson with the whole world online, that would be fun for a couple hours as the other person already replied, but after about a half hour of everyone "hanging out" it would just be a huge death match, no one would be having fun or even be alive for longer than 5 minutes unless they do nothing but run away the whole time.

Making 4 vs. 4 matches or 8 vs. 8 matches would be the best. How could u make a whole world of gangs and cops into one server? it be glitching like crazy.

Personally the tag mode to me shouldn't be on the game. It sounds just plain stupid. Whoever gets most tags wins? and u can kill eachother? obviously the first person to die will lose the match. who wants to buy a third person shooting game to place tags on walls and try to be faster than the other person?

Also on some site i saw, it said in one type of game, gangsters will be given a great weapon crazy out of this world ecs ecs and the cops start off with vests and handguns? how the heck would a vest protect a cop from like a rocket launcher?

Also if anyone knows the official release date lemme know, i heard march but idk.