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4th Jan 2005, 19:06
This has been b10tched about before, so it's no big issue, but I just replayed Thief 2, and have replayed Thief 1 fairly recently, and it just stuns me how cool the pagan speech is in those two games, and how unbelievably annoying it is in Deadly Shadows.

I'm sure the developers tried, but the writing really sounds like a couple of 10 year old boys trying to imitate the coolness of the pagan speech in the first two games and getting it disastrously wrong. It's tricky to even analyse what's gone wrong, or what went right in the first two games, but starting with constructing sentences more carefully so that each one doesn't include 'bes' at least twice would help!

And unfortunately, this isn't something that an effort like the excellent Minimalist Project can easily fix...

6th Jan 2005, 18:12
I actually liked those crazy pagans.

But then again, I'm new to the thief series, never played the 1st 2 games, so maybe they were done better in the past. After trying the demo for thief 2 I realize I'm too much of a graphics snob to actually play some old game like that, even if its good. Too bad there's no way to listen to the old pagan speak from the earlier games, I'd be interested to see how they differ. ;)

6th Jan 2005, 19:02
I also,love the pagan dialogue. I have played Thief Deadly Shadows four times.It is still as funny.!!
I have though just started playing Thief The Metal age,and have not got to the pagan's yet difficult to say.The Graphics are not quite as good.It is defiantly worth playing though it is a great game.It has different weapon's to play with as well.There are Different "potions"really great.Think I will like it as much as TDS.I recently got Thief Gold. The first Thief with added missions and tweaks if I am right??. I love all the secretes
Look forward to hearing the pagan's,dialogue.I got the sound's for TDS with DWIX,I don't know about The Metal age?? :) I will look.
All I found was this:Mostly music.What I saw. Does anybody know how to get the sound files??



Hello sneaksie Thief:p

8th Jan 2005, 00:22
They bes nutsies. I cannot stands thems.