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3rd Jan 2005, 21:11
I dunno if it is a bug or have I missed some detail, but im stuck in gamall's lair. There is a "wall of glass" obstructing me from climbing the stairs behind the second doors. The same kind of "wall of glass" is in the tunnel to the museum.

Any ideas how to go on?

3rd Jan 2005, 22:42
Check your objectives. You have one of two problems.

1. You have not completed one or more objectives.
2. You are trying to do something you read in a spoiler post, heard someone talk about or you are trying to use information you got outside the game information.

You hit these "Glass walls" when you try to skip ahead in the mission(s). Many areas CANNOT BE REACHED unless and until you complete some other "mission" or task first.

You also need to complete ALL OBJECTIVES in a given mission BEFORE YOU CAN GO ON TO THE NEXT, or to exit a mission.

So... Exactly where are you in the mission, what have you done, and what EXACTLY is the action you are attempting?

And, last but not least, have you gone to the upper balconies, been in the secret library, and explored the entire complex.

Entry, living room, dining room, study chamber off the dining room, the garden, the lower hallways, the upper balconies (there are two) etc.

4th Jan 2005, 12:06
The problem was that i couldn't get into the first floor. I figured that one out, but now my problem is the complex itself. Where in h¤ll is the gltph or information about it?

I have retrieved the paw and the chalice, but now im stuck. how can I get into the balconies in the large room located next to the bedroom?

4th Jan 2005, 14:33
There are two ways to do it. In the bedroom, one of the books triggers a secret door. I can't tell you which one, because I missed it. I went the harder way instead. It's possible to climb up one of the walls in the courtyard, and shimmy over onto the balcony. It can be hard to time to avoid the giant statue, and I had to try it several times before it would let me over the railing.

Garrett's lover
4th Jan 2005, 16:25
Try this link. There's a detailed walkthrough for TDS. I guess it'll solve your problems.