View Full Version : HELP SPREAD The WORD

31st Dec 2004, 05:12
help spread the word of this game ppl we need this to have the most ppl on this as posible its a good game but most people i told never even new about it right now i told like 8 ppl and they said ther gona get it so u guys do ur part tell every 1 u know :)

7th Jan 2005, 22:57
Yeah, i've helped by telling all my friends who have a PS2/ Xbox to get it! Its funny too, cuz most of their responses were "WTF is 25 to Life?"

Michael Bolton
14th Jan 2005, 16:44
this game is going to be popular for sure, so far i only told one of my friends, hes buying it for sure as well.

16th Jan 2005, 17:59
I posted my input at a popular game website, I suggest you do the same as well.